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Applying cosmetics afresh each day gives you the opportunity to vary your look and to change your style, totally according to whim. There’s something to be said for permanent cosmetics, too, however. Whether you’re having full, lovely eyebrows painted on or simply having scars or birthmarks concealed, permanent cosmetics can provide a straightforward way to achieve the look you’re after, without the need for any daily maintenance or upkeep. Mane Image offers permanent cosmetics to patients suffering with the unsightly lack of pigment in the skin due to Vitiligo. Mane Image Hair Restoration Clinic is proud to provide permanent cosmetics as part of our MedSpa program.

Permanent Cosmetics from Mane Image

Since 1987, we’ve been a recognized leader in hair restoration—but we’re also passionate about other aspects of skin and beauty. We want to provide our clients, men and women alike, with confidence and self-love, and to help address facial or skin conditions that might lead to self-consciousness. The application of permanent cosmetics is one way in which we serve our clients.

At Mane Image, you’ll be greeted by staff who are as friendly and warm as they are knowledgeable and professional. We bring true artistry to our work, and will collaborate with you to find the best style before bringing our technical mastery to the actual cosmetic application. Mane Image also boasts a comfortable and inviting setting in Merrillville, Indiana—the ideal place to focus on looking and feeling your best!

Scar Cover-Up and Other Treatments

The best way to think about permanent cosmetics is as a form of cosmetic tattooing. Through advanced implantation techniques, levels of colored pigment are deposited into the dermis. A variety of techniques may be used to apply permanent cosmetics, but the result should be the same: Permanent coloration added to the skin, either adding new features or concealing scars and blemishes.

At Mane Image Hair Restoration Clinic, we perform scar concealment through a process called micro scalp pigmentation, which you can think of as a permanent “topper” for the head, obscuring the appearance of scars or other markings. This is an exceptional treatment for those who have had hair transplants and are looking to cover up scars in the donor area or to the top of the head to add a sense of fullness to the hair.

Other forms of permanent cosmetics that are available include the addition of permanent lip liner; of eyebrows; of eyeliner; and other skin camouflage methods to conceal scars or blemishes.

Are Permanent Cosmetics Truly Permanent?

Though the cosmetic process involves pigmentation being added directly to the skin, fading can and does occur over long periods of time—just like with any tattoo. Some periodic maintenance can ensure that your look stays fresh and vibrant, however, and the Mane Image team is happy to provide it.

Before seeking permanent cosmetics, it’s always best to consult with a stylist. We invite you to join us in our laid-back, low-key clinic to discuss the process further. Join us at Mane Image today.

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Financing Options

Getting your hair back is within your budget. At Mane Image, our primary mission is to deliver the best and most comprehensive care available. An important part of that mission is making the cost as easy and manageable for our patients as possible, by offering many options for payment.